Seattle Kids Yoga


What Yoga for kids is really about...

"Can they do the poses?" and "Can they sit still?" are common questions I receive when I tell people I teach Yoga to kids. While the answer is YES to both questions (kids are amazing!), Yoga for kids is so much more than poses and stillness. 

Recently, when asked a version of the above inquiries, instead of diving into my usual response of, "Of course, kids can do it all!" and "Kids love savasana!" (Again, both true.)

I paused. 

And answered with: "Yoga for kids is really about teaching them to be kind." Then, added, "To themselves and others." 

Sure, Yoga poses build confidence and strength, mindfulness and relaxation are important life skills, and roaring like a lion is empowering and fun. And in today's world, kindness, compassion and practical ways to take Yoga off the mat are just, if not more, essential and needed.

This is why and how I share Yoga with children, and why and how I facilitate Next Generation Yoga Teacher Trainings. If this resonates with you or if you're curious to learn more, I'd love for you to join me at an upcoming training. 

NGY Teacher Trainings are open to parents, Yoga teachers, educators, therapists, counselors, school administrators, and anyone who is interested in using Yoga and mindfulness as vehicles to make a difference in kids' lives.

Interested in learning more about NGY Teacher Trainings or how I teach kids to take their Yoga and mindfulness practices off their mat and into every day life? Let's find a time to chat!

Thank you for reading this, I'm grateful for you!

xo, Nicole