Seattle Kids Yoga


Listening Meditation

I'm all about co-creating and collaboration, so when my friends and colleagues asked me to be part of Mindfulness Month: Yoga for Kids & Families, I was immediately all in.  Mindfulness Month was created by Lani Rosen-Gallagher of Full of Joy Yoga and Susan Fried of Budding Buddhas Kids Yoga as a way to bring the daily practice of Yoga, mindfulness and breathing to kids and their families. So cool!

I shared my favorite mindfulness activity, a Listening Meditation, on Day 27. Check the video below for instruction, the benefits, and for a moment of peace and stillness.

A Listening Meditation is best practiced with an object that produces a long-lasting, vibrational sound, like a singing bowl, chimes or a metal bowl. To practice, find a comfortable seat, rest the hands on the knees or in the lap, quiet the voice, and close the eyes or lower the gaze. Listen to the vibrational, healing sound and keep the eyes closed (or lowered) and the voice quiet until the sound fades. Then, slowly open the eyes. Notice where you feel or felt the sound, and how the listening meditation made you feel. Benefits: Present moment awareness, connection, vibrational healing; easily accessible, even for young children.